Sunday, 5 August 2012

Where's George Now?

Do you remember George? Originally, all my blogs about him were on my main website, but since I'm about to put that on pause to really focus on this blog for a while, I have transferred all my archives across, so it's even easier for you to look through! I've just spent some time reminiscing, and got rather teary eyed thinking about him!

Not that he's gone anywhere, oh no! He's still happily living at the Lady Lever Art Gallery! They took him in as their own from the very beginning of Go Penguins all those years ago, and now he lives on his own plinth surrounded by famous masterpieces! There was even a visiting Van Gogh recently, so he's certainly in good company.

And you want to know how he's being looked after? Well, I think this says it all!

All dressed up to celebrate the Jubilee earlier this year :) I am so thrilled to see him being so well looked after... And may I say I do still hope to welcome him in to my own home again one day... But until then, he's the whole worlds to enjoy!


  1. How cool to see George again - dressed in all his Jubilee finery!
    Fabulous that he's rubbing shoulders with such old masters.
    Well done for such a fine artistic achievement too Helen - you must be proud.
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali! It really gives me a boost when I remember where he is and that I got him there :)
      Helen x


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