Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Crochet Jedi Bunny

When I saw this Amigurumi Bunny in Hoodie pattern over on How to Amigurumi, I knew I had to make one - they're just so cute! I also needed a last minute extra Christmas present for my husband, and realised the pattern could be easily adapted to make a Jedi Bunny.

I mainly crocheted the rabbit as per the pattern, with a small alteration around the join between the tummy and the hoody in order to attach the "skirt" of the robe. I also added a small braided belt and stitched a metal bead on to act as a lightsaber. Have you ever wondered what was under a Jedi's robes? Well I have the answer - cute, fluffy little rabbit tails :D

This pattern worked up really quickly and produced a cute teddy, about the size of my hand. I love that the hood can be taken down, and that the ears pop up through it when it is raised! I hand stitched the details on the face - I find this gives more control over the finished expression than using safety eyes, but that's just my preference. I recommend giving this pattern a try if you love bunnies as much as we do!

May the force (and plenty of carrots) be with you this Christmas!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Cross Stitched Wonder Woman Ornament

This year, my husband and I decided to join up with a Secret Santa linked with an online community we belong to. The person we were paired with mentioned DC Comics in her interests, and so I set about creating this ornament for her to decorate her Christmas tree. I searched Google for free cross stitch patterns and found this helpful image. Frustratingly I cannot find the original source - if you know who created it let me know in a comment and I will update here! I was able to use this graph to cross stitch the design on to some plastic canvas using threads from my stash. I backed it with felt and attached a ribbon hanging loop. It could really be hung up all year round!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Silver and Blue Kusudama

Last December I shared with you my Cream and Gold Kusudama, mentioning I had another one in the works... Well, I did in fact get it finished before Christmas was over, but never had a chance to photograph or blog it. So, here we are!

It's been nearly a year since I made it, so I don't exactly have much to say about it, although wrapped in bubblewrap it has held up just fine in storage. I used the same tutorials as last time, the details of which are in the post linked above. I really love the intricacy of these decorations, though the amount of effort involved is currently ensuring I do not start another one!

[The blog is a bit quiet at the moment due to personal reasons. But I have a huge selection of inspiration for Christmas decorations in my Christmas tag!]
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