Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Being Creative June: Ocean

Over at her blog, Julia Crossland is running something called Being Creative, where each month there is a theme to follow to simply be creative, with no restrictions. This months theme is Ocean, and I decided to continue with my experimentations!

I used some money I received for my Birthday to buy myself a second hand sewing machine this year. It is very much second hand... I have no manual, and I seem to have a constant problem with the thread getting stuck behind the tension dial, arrrgh! But I can do short stretches in between problems, as long as I am selective with my fabric and cotton choices - anything too different and it jams...!

I want to create a fabric journal to get to know my sewing machine, and general textiles a bit better. I intend to create all the pages individually, and then I will assemble them into pages.

So, on the theme of Ocean, here is my very first page!!

I've included a little close up to help you see the gorgeous textures I've included. There are layers of cotton, linen, ribbon, netting, denim and a satin-y material. There's also a line of single crochet, and beading.
My original concept included sequins and sparkles, and stitching worked over the top. But I like this just for the simplicity of colours and textures.

I hope you can appreciate that too!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Always open for Pet Portraits commissions!

Pet Portraits: Toffee and Flopsy


It hasn't been too easy recently between my health and my husband's health, so I apologise for the lack of creativity around.

However, I was able to sketch our two rabbits last week, so here they are!


Don't forget I'm always open for Pet Portraits commissions, more information in my next post :)

Anyway, if you're at Liverpool ONE, do check out the Capture Liverpool photography competition. And if you think my photo, Pleasant Street Board School, deserves to win the people's vote, do head down to the Information Centre on Wall Street and vote for number 56! It would mean a lot to me :)

Also, if you're voting through the latest Saatchi Gallery Showdown and come across my entry "Roses", and think it deserves to win, please click vote! Thank you :)

Hopefully more creativity coming soon...
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