Monday, 23 December 2013

Star Wars: Defend and Protect Painting

With my health this last year, large paintings have simply not been possible for me. However, with recent small improvements and a huge kick of motivation, I decided I wanted my husband to have this piece of artwork for Christmas! I began in October, and had it finished at the beginning of December, which felt amazing! I'm afraid most of the progress pictures were taken on my phone, but I thought you'd like to see the stages nonetheless.
I did not design this, I based it on this wonderful poster by Mike Kungl. I knew how much my husband would love seeing a hand painted version of this poster on his wall every day, and couldn't resist making that dream a reality. I take no credit for the design!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Felt Ball Garland

Another idea I mentioned in my Christmas Craft inspiration post was strings of felt balls... And oh, I love the splash of colour they add to the tree!

I considered making my own balls, and may well in the future, but just didn't have time this year!

I threaded a random colour assortment of 1cm and 2cm balls on to clear thread, and I do love how they look on the tree. More are needed :)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cranberry Garlands

So happy to have tried making these at last. They look lovely on the tree, different shades of jewel like reds, their shiny-ness catching the lights... I think these will be a staple of our Christmas tree decoration for now on, and I really appreciated the internet tip of using dental floss for easy threading!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

3D Snowflakes

So, err, I got a bit behind on blogging again, woops! I have been sharing lots of sneak peeks over on my Facebook page though, so do pop over there for more!

 [For those wondering, I have a vast (read: hundreds) collection of cuddly toys. Included in this picture are a Pudsey bear and a dinosaur made by my Mum, a teddy made by my sister, and a cuddly bee and a little artist made by me in my knitting days!]

On my previous Christmas Craft Wish List, you may have noticed these 3D Snowflakes by IngThings. Well... I got round to making some! And may have slightly fallen in love...

For now, I just have a few brightening up our bedroom, but one day... Oh, one day I can imagine a year round feature wall of these in all different sizes, it would be so stunning. The husband and I have wildly different styles, but now and again they meet in the middle, and this is something we can both agree on! :)

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