Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tried and Tested Tip Number 26 [2D Crochet Butterfly]

So, to continue along the butterfly theme I began in my last Tried and Tested Tip, the 3D Crochet Butterfly, I present the 2D Crochet Butterfly by The Left Side of Crochet!

If you thought the 3D pattern was quick, just wait until you try this! It produces a very similar looking butterfly, but with only one set of wings (hence the 2D rather than the 3D), but it's twice as quick and just as effective!

I've managed to knock 29 of these up over the past couple of weeks, and it is a lovely rhythmical pattern to settle in to, with very little faffing around sewing in ends either! With just a few rounds, the pattern is easy to memorise, but also forgiving if the odd stitch isn't quite right...

I made these all on a 4mm hook, but with a variety of wools from my stash - hence the various sizes! They also look lovely with a contrasting wool used for the final row.

I really recommend the pattern, and these butterflies make a lovely addition to many a project.

But now these butterflies must flutter off, and join with dozens more butterflies to create something which is set to be rather spectacular :)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Friday, 15 February 2013

Gingerbread Hearts with Hidden Treats

When I saw these Valentine's Heart Cookie Boxes over at Glorious Treats, I knew I had to try something similar!

I used gingerbread instead of sugar cookies because my husband prefers it, and I had run out of eggs! I used my favourite gingerbread recipe, from the old children's cook book, We Can Cook - it's really simple and produces a lovely soft, tasty biscuit.

I cut the shapes out before cooking, and stacked quite a few layers together to leave plenty of room for some Galaxy Minstrels! I "glued" the layers together with milk chocolate.

A simple but cute little bake :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lemon Drizzle Cake with Dark Chocolate Chunks

Recipe from Green & Blacks

So many blogs I follow are going through a quiet time just now. The lull after the frenzy of Christmas. A new year bringing new goals within one's life. It's difficult to create when your art space is completely packed up and being rearranged. It's difficult to post when your head feels in a different universe, desperately trying to hold on. I'll be back soon.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tried and Tested Tip Number 25 [3D Crochet Butterfly]

I recently became involved in a local yarnbombing project, centred around butterflies... I can't say more than that, but I will shares photos when I can!

I am viewing this opportunity as a chance to try out various butterfly patterns I have sat on my to do list. Some are super simple (such as the 2D version of this that I will share for the next Tried & Tested), and others are so very complex that they might not quite make it in time for the yarnbombing!

This butterfly is made from a lovely little pattern by The Left Side of Crochet. It reminded me a lot of a previous pattern I shared here. However, using the same wool as previously, and a 2.5mm hook, it came out quite a bit bigger than them! It is a lovely shaped butterfly, which can even stand up by itself, and I really recommend trying it :)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Birthday Banners

Every time a birthday arrives in our house, I realise we don't own any Happy Birthday banners. I had no interest in buying them when I knew I could make ones unique to us, but every birthday seemed to arrive without any banners actually being made! So, when my birthday was over this year, I got stuck in to it! Two for me, two for the Mr, and one for Christmas (which I'll share later this year!)

Making these was actually so much easier than I expected. My normal white card won't feed through my printer, so I'm used to printing on to paper, and then having to transfer to card, which is a whole extra stage! But, I recently picked up a lighter weight card, and it feeds through! So I was able to simply print the lettering backwards on to the card, stick the card to my decorative papers (or paint the card, in one instance), and cut the letters out.

And, not only did I get to use some of my beautiful second hand wrapping paper selection, but I got to get my paints out too :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Motivational Bundle [& Free Printable]

You may have seen this motivational bundle around the internet? Well, when I saw it I loved the idea, but it wasn't quite right for my intended recipients - partly because it's not easy to find Hershey's Hugs and Kisses in the UK, and partly because edible items aren't always appropriate. And so, I came up with this variation.

You may recognise the felt hearts from my Felt Heart Ornaments post? And I packaged everything up, with some tissue paper, in the origami boxes from this Tried & Tested post - everything has it's purpose!

If you'd like to make one using the same elements, I have uploaded a PDF version of the text here, which you're welcome to use to bring motivation to your friends :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

Skirt Refashion Pattern!

When I shared photos of this skirt refashion, I said I'd share a brief pattern too, and here it is! Let me begin by saying this isn't meant to be a tutorial... However, when I wanted to partially recreate an old skirt of mine, I could find very little online to help, and had to make my own pattern. And, just maybe, someone else out there can make use of these pattern pieces and how I stitched them together! Here's a quick snapshot of the original skirt that inspired me - it has such a lovely flow to it :)

I'm not going to lie - you're dealing with a lot of fabric strips here. It takes time. I used 75 strips of fabric for mine, and I'm approx a UK size 12. You might want to use more or less, and alter the length of the strips accordingly!

Here is a link to the PDF with the pieces. Seam allowance is included/shown.

I used a lightweight cotton for this skirt. To start, cut out 25 of each shape from your fabric, so you have 75 strips total. See the lettering on each shape? That will really help you when you come to assemble them...

1. Attach piece b to piece c. Create a 1cm fold on the right of piece c, and place covering 1cm on the left of piece b. Pin, and stitch down the length of this twice.

[Apologies for only taking photos part way through!]

2. Attach piece a to piece b. Create a 1cm fold on the left of piece a, and place covering 1cm on the right of piece b (it will also cover the top of piece c). Pin, and stitch down the length of this twice.

3. Attach piece c to piece a. Create a 1cm fold on the left of piece c, and place covering 1cm on the right of piece a. Pin, and stitch down the length of this twice.

Repeat steps 1 - 3 until you have used all your strips. This diagram might help you visualise how you are assembling them...

  To finish my skirt, I simply stitched twice round the base (I wanted the free flowing, fraying look, as opposed to the neat but potentially bulky hem!). I gathered the top and stitched to the denim base.

I can't wait to make a full version of this skirt!
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