Monday, 23 November 2009

Visiting George!

Friday night saw the Preview Party for Go Penguins, and tomorrow George gets installed in the Lady Lever Art Gallery on the Wirral!

Do go visit him, he's on show until early January, when he shall move on to icebergs new!
You can visit the Lady Lever website for more information, including George's own page and their visitor information, with the museum open 10am-5pm daily.

Do also visit the Go Penguins website for more information on the whole project, and for details about the Winter's Trail that the Penguins form.

And see all the Penguins in their glory at the Go Penguins Gallery at Art in Liverpool where George again has his own page.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Goodbye for now, George.

Well, Thursday saw George be packaged up and taken back to the secret Penguin hideout in Liverpool, where he was able to rejoin his friends, who interestingly all looked rather different from last time they saw each other. He is now sat in a rather bizarre warehouse, waiting to be installed at the Lady Lever on the morning of Monday 23rd November. Before that I believe he has some publicity, but I know he is confident and distinguished enough to cope, having been raised well. He also will be attending a launch party the week prior to that, which I may or may not accompany him to as his date. I miss having George here, I used to regularly just go in and stroke his beak... *sigh* However, I met with people from the Lady Lever on Monday afternoon, and they are lovely and I know George shall feel at home there. He will be in the room with the busts, the old entrance, so do say hello if you pass by over Christmas :) Where his travels shall take him come January who knows, but I shall certainly keep you updated.

Pictures from Thursday:

Red carpet treatment!

Being packaged up...

Secret base. And a secret agent.

A complete overview:

Now for a couple of weeks of bedrest lol. Altho my official Creative Chaos Art website really needs to be built too, then hopefully this shall all be transfered across as well :)
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