Tuesday, 2 February 2010

George at the Lady Lever, and a Thank You

Well, with George being sold this week at the Go Penguins auction, it seems only right to post a few thoughts.

Firstly, I cannot thank people enough for their support throughout this project. Especially my fiance, my family and my friends, but also other people who have come forward with words of encouragement. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes - at Go Penguins, at the secret location, at Wild in Art, and everyone else involved. Thank you to the press for the amount of coverage given to this wonderful art project. And thank you to everyone involved at the Lady Lever. Not only for choosing my design in the first place, but for their constant attention to George. Everyone at the gallery have looked after him so well, and me and George really appreciate that - I know he has enjoyed his time there :)

Thank you also to everyone who has stopped to think. "Do I look like I have an invisible disability?" ME is in the media a lot just now, and I believe every little thing brings more awareness and understanding to the world on invisible disabilites. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to look at my website, and contact me as a result of this, and I hope you have come away with more knowledge on the subject.

This has been a truly wonderful project for me, and I am looking forward to hearing where George will travel to next.

I am also hoping to be involved in future art projects, such as Rhino Mania in Chester this summer.

I spent a lot of time in the Lady Lever during George's stay, and it was lovely to rediscover somewhere I would visit in school holidays as a child. Please click here for a few photos of George in situ at the Lady Lever Art Gallery, especially for those who were unable to visit. Enjoy!
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