Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Star Wars: Slave Leia

Part two of this mini Star Wars themed week! This is another new addition to Lucy Ravenscar's Star Wars crochet collection, Slave Leia. (I almost feel like I should be warning of partial amigurumi nudity here haha!)

Admittedly my Leia has a slightly funky face... The bikini was a bit fiddly, but I enjoyed the way the hair was made, and the finishing touch of the band on the plait.

Have you seen the rest of this series of Star Wars characters? Check them out here! :)

Monday, 29 December 2014

Star Wars: Admiral Ackbar

Remember my little collection of Star Wars crochet characters from 2012? Well, I'm here this week with some new additions! These are again made from patterns from Lucy Ravenscar.

First up, Admiral Ackbar!

I really enjoyed crocheting master Ackbar. He has the perfect balance of details, without being too fiddly, and making that head shape was fun!

The eyes were the only bit I did find fiddly, but that is because instead of using black and yellow safety eyes, I used plain black safety eyes and stitched some yellow around it... I think it worked out ok though!

He has a cute flap on the back of his jacket, and I liked the way the figure was constructed from sometimes working in FLO or BLO.

Have you seen my previous collection of crochet Star Wars characters? If not, click here!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Alternative Christmas Card || Flopsy & Toffee Sketch

I used to make cards for my husband, for all those events that occur throughout the year. But you know what would happen to them? They'd sit on his desk for a week, before being lost into a pile of "stuff", never to be seen again. And so I started doing something different... I started drawing for him every year, quick sketches which could go in frames and continue to decorate our walls all year round. It's been a win-win for us! This Christmas, his "card" features our gorgeous little bunnies, Flopsy and Toffee...

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas 6 || Crochet Star

I love these stars over at Little Woollie! I adjusted them slightly to have 6 points, as I thought they went together better, but that may have just been because I was using a very random selection of wools!

I finished this one off with a vintage gold button, and it is hanging on the Christmas tree. I am making more in a different colour scheme in multiple sizes to hopefully be a stand alone decoration. I will share if when they're finished :)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas 5 || Christmas Card

Every year I enjoy making a stack of Christmas cards to send to family, friends, and people who need some smiley post. The stamp I've used is Christmas Snowman by Fizzy Moon, and I found it on eBay. It is simply layered with a bit of sparkle, which is how I like cards to be :)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Granny Rabbits

Yes, really, a post that isn't Christmas related!

I love these little bunnies! I love the ease of the pattern by The Green Dragonfly, I love the colour combinations and their expressions...

And I LOVE their little fluffy tails! (Rather than making a pom pom, I used the muzzle pattern with some fluffy wool, and stitched it on - so cute!)

I am so tempted to make a whole rainbow of these littles ones...

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas 4 || Crochet Christmas Pudding

This is a bit of a mish mash of patterns and made up bits of crochet, but I like the finished piece!

I made the brown pudding following this pattern, which I also used for my robin! As I worked it, I randomly picked up a strand of a second shade of brown to add a speckled effect. This could obviously just be stitched afterwards, but I preferred to do it this way. The icing is a simple circle increase in sc, with hdc, dc and tr to create the random curves.
I used this pattern for the holly leaves, and I think they came out quite nicely! And for the berries I did 12 dc into a ring and then pulled it tight.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas 3 || Beaded Snowflakes

Oh gosh, these have been on my to do list for a while!! I am so pleased with how they have come together. They were a quick make, a great excuse to play with my beads, and look fabulous on the tree - they catch the light beautifully :)

Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas 2 || Crochet Nativity Scene

I've wanted our own nativity scene for years, and eyed up a few patterns before deciding on this one, from Gourmet Crochet. When there are so many free patterns available online, I can find it hard to justify buying a pattern, but this one felt value for money. The pattern includes good instructions, which can also be used to make extra shepherds, and which I have also adapted to make reindeer and snowmen, and will probably adapt further in future.
I used a variety of wools, beads and threads from my stash, and Trimits 6mm solid black eyes (although I glue-gunned these on at the end). The star is made using Tangled Happy's Star pattern. The stable is simply a small cardboard box, which can be presented as a stable, but can also be used to store the characters in during the year - storage is difficult in our house, so things that do not take up too much room is definitely an advantage!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas 1 || Crochet Robin

I originally used this pattern by All About Ami for it's intended purpose (which I will share soon!), but on completion thought it was the perfect shape for a robin, and the perfect season too! I don't think my brown wool was double knitting, as he came out smaller than expected, but I think he will sit nicely in the branches of the Christmas tree!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas Decoration Planning!

Oh gosh, I have so many half finished or secret projects to share with you. I will get round to it! In previous years I have enjoyed making lists of plans for Christmas decorations, even if there are always some I don't get round to! I'm feeling very festive and also quite organised this year, so hopefully I have lots of time for some more Christmassy projects!!

If you've been following me on Facebook, you will have seen my Nativity coming together at last! I still need to attach all the eyes, and I have a box ready to turn into a barn!

I am also making an... alternative nativity?! Basically a little Christmassy scene! I already have 2 reindeer, and I want to add snowmen, Mr and Mrs Claus, fairies, penguins...

these... Crochet Christmas Trees
and these... Crochet Christmas Trees
 and erm, these... Crochet Christmas Trees
From YarnFreak
 Some crochet elves, maybe based on Berg the Christmas Elf

Still on my list from previous years...

Beaded Snowflakes
 From Christmas Projects [also, 3D ones]
 I have had a couple of fiddles with these during the year, and have yet to work out if I can make them 3D... I will keep trying!
Paper Baubles
From The Guardian
 Crochet Star
 From ATERGcrochet

Crochet Bauble
From ATERGcrochet

From Folding Trees
3D Crochet Stars
Other Decorations
This collection of origami stars!
A crochet christmas pudding?
Paper chains.
Dried oranges - I like doing this every year with cinnamon.
Wrap wool round shapes, e.g. stars and hearts, use several different colours at once.
Wrap strands of thread and beads round shapes.
Instead of tinsel, have strands of beads and sparkly stars.
 A death star ornament I designed last year, but never made...
Felt gingerbread men, maybe as a garland?
I think I need to go digging through my wool collection!
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