Monday, 29 December 2014

Star Wars: Admiral Ackbar

Remember my little collection of Star Wars crochet characters from 2012? Well, I'm here this week with some new additions! These are again made from patterns from Lucy Ravenscar.

First up, Admiral Ackbar!

I really enjoyed crocheting master Ackbar. He has the perfect balance of details, without being too fiddly, and making that head shape was fun!

The eyes were the only bit I did find fiddly, but that is because instead of using black and yellow safety eyes, I used plain black safety eyes and stitched some yellow around it... I think it worked out ok though!

He has a cute flap on the back of his jacket, and I liked the way the figure was constructed from sometimes working in FLO or BLO.

Have you seen my previous collection of crochet Star Wars characters? If not, click here!

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