Thursday, 16 February 2017

Neutral Tones Birthday Card

An acquaintance of mine recently sold off a large amount of her craft supplies. Of course, I did what any artist would do and bought way too much stuff whilst it was available at great discounts! Included in everything I bought was a range of "masculine" card toppers and papers - think wood grain, brick work, metal sheets etc. It's all really quite lovely! And they are great for more masculine cards, when flowers don't quite cut it! For this card I paired them with some beautiful shimmery dark grey corrugated card I have in my stash, and kept with pure white to accentuate the "chalk board" lettering.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Festive February: Large Beaded Snowflakes

A couple of years ago I made these small beaded snowflakes, and I love how sparkly they look on the tree! So when I was in a bead shop and found similar snowflake bases that are approx. 22cm in diameter, I just had to buy some.

They are a bit big to hang on the tree really, but they look lovely hung around the house, and the beads catch the light so beautifully.

I can imagine an impressive wall display of these snowflakes in a whole range of sizes! Just think of all the beads! This is the last post in Festive February, but thanks for sticking round for this belated Christmas round up :)

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Festive February: Cute Wintery Cards

I needed to make a couple of extra cards for friends in December, and they ended up embracing the season! The first was for a lover of penguins. I love creating the shapes of penguins, they're so pleasing! I used some black glitter card, and left the bottom of the card uncovered to be snow - I love this effect. The "Birthday Wishes" stamp took the Christmassy edge off, just!

For the other card, I delved into my stash of old stamping extras - leftovers from years of previous projects - and found this lovely cuddly polar bear. I mounted him in the same way with the snow in relief. Wish upon a Christmas star...

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Festive February: Cross Stitch Penguin Decorations

I wanted to stitch a little penguin decoration for a dear friend of mine for Christmas, and went to Google to find a pattern. Well, I didn't quite find a pattern, but I found this, an image of a completed cross stitch, which just happened to be simple enough to use as a pattern! Very useful :)

I ended up falling in love with these little dudes, and so made one for our tree too!

Made on plastic canvas they came together quite quickly, and I attached a ribbon and a felt backing using my glue gun. I really need to get more plastic canvas in time for next Christmas, I'm always finding last minute projects for it!

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