Sunday, 19 November 2017

Tunisian Crochet Blanket + Edward's Menagerie Sheep

A good few years ago I bookmarked a pattern for a reversible Tunisian Crochet baby blanket. I eventually bought some lovely neutral wool earlier this year, only to discover that as a complete noob to Tunisian crochet, the pattern was well beyond my ability! Instead, I dug out some instructions for basic Tunisian crochet, and set about leaning a new skill. The result is this wonderfully squidgy drapey blanket, which is being put safely away in hopes of a future baby. I finished the edge with basic single crochet, and added a final row with a blanket stitch effect, as I thought it tied in nicely with the Tunisian crochet stitch.

I used James C. Brett's Supreme Soft and Gentle Baby DK in shades SNG9 and SNG10. Despite it being so soft and lovely, I found that if I worked with it for too long my hands would become sore and itchy, I think this is because of the 30% polyamide in the yarn mix, so sadly I won't be buying it again.

Also earlier this year, I treated myself to a copy of Edward's Menagerie! It's such a beautiful book - my husband joined me in looking through it and kept pointing out who I should make next! I wanted a teddy to go with the blanket, and given the colours of the wool, the sheep stood out to me. The "wool" look was pretty fiddly, but otherwise came together really nicely. I think we'll end up with our own menagerie!

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  1. What a cool sheep Helen, and fab that you have learned TC! I love the simple stitch, but it makes me really slow down and think!
    Hope you will be able to use your snuggly blanket sometime in the not to distant future.
    Ali x


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