Monday, 13 September 2010

Piazza Art Market at the Hope Street Feast

I am pleased to announce that Creative Chaos has a stall at the Piazza Art Market this Sunday, 19th September. There will be prints of many of my photographs for sale, along with postcards, and the release of my latest project, "Pet Portraits". I would love to see you there, as there will be art to suit all tastes and styles :) You can find out more information on the Metropolitan Cathedral's website.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Welcome :)

I can't quite believe Creative Chaos is here on BlogSpot, having always been an LJ person! But yes, it is here...

I hope to use this blog to connect with other artisits, and people interested in art and photography. I have some exciting new priojects over the coming months which I would love people to be involved in!

If you want to get a feel for my art do check out my website. Hopefully I will remember to post future blogs and projects here too!

About Me :)

Hi, I’m Helen Morris and I’m the artist behind Creative Chaos Art. I’m 22, and based on the Wirral, England. (You may know me by the name Helen Burnley, as I was involved in several big art projects before I got married!) I suffer from M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and so things like studying for my Art Foundation have had to be put on hold until I'm a bit more able!

During this time away from education I am channelling the energy I have into developing myself as an artist. I am exploring as many pathways as I can, so as to learn from different areas and different people and create my own style, and my own unique ideas.

My main focuses are painting and photography. Painting tends to be varied just now, but my primary medium is acrylic on canvas, with some mixed media. Photography is an area I am constantly experimenting in, pushing every boundary there is, however my heart will always come back to macro and sunsets!

I have also recently developed quite a love for crochet, especially with it being something I can do without having to sit up!

I maybe see beauty where others don’t. I view things from a different perspective to most, and I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What do you see when you see a derelict building, or a piece of rust? Decay, destruction, something unpleasant? I see beauty. I see colour, texture and inspiration. I hope my work can open your eyes to beauty in unusual places.

Why Creative Chaos Art as my outlet? I am creative, right to the core of my soul. I believe this world was chaos, and was created into what it is now, something beautiful, and inspiring. I take something chaotic, and I create it into art. Something to be enjoyed, appreciated, and to inspire others.

Thanks for visiting, and do look around!
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