Sunday, 13 September 2015

Puppy || Sew Cute to Cuddle

Hello! Yup, I'm still alive. Absence makes you grow fonder of me, right?! I have been working on lots of creating of things, but I'm not going to be able to share some of them for a while, so please bear with some patchy posting... Sneaky peeks on Facebook as always :)

I made this cute little puppy dog for my niece's 7th Birthday, and s/he was a real hit, being named Flopster!

The pattern is called Brody the Dog, and is from Sew Cute to Cuddle... The author, Mariska Vos-Bolman, has an Etsy store, but I found it more financially viable to buy a copy of her book from Amazon :) She has designed some beautiful patterns, and the book contains clear instructions and helpful diagrams, as well as sections on fabrics and techniques. The patterns are provided to scale in the book, so there is no need for pesky enlarging. I did find bits of this design fiddly, and you can see some of my curves aren't exactly smooth... But I would use more of her patterns :)

I used some fabric and felt I had left lying around, and also stitched on a cute little mouth. I had the idea that all dogs need a toy to play with, so stitched a small bone from felt. I have tied a piece of ribbon around both the bone and a paw, meaning it can be removed for play but stored safely!

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