Thursday, 25 March 2010

George Returns!

If you've been following this blog, or my art in general, you have probably been wondering "What happened to George?!" - I certainly was! Just over a week ago an email landed in front of me, with news that he has returned to the Lady Lever! I, of course, jumped right in the car with my fiance and went to see him. Apparently he had been on display, but due to being unsecured he had had a bit of an accident and was now locked away. A very kind person unlocked the door, and allowed us to spend some time with him. He has suffered some scratches, and I am hopeful to touch them up soon. George has been bought by Phil Redmond (the man behind Brookside, Grange Hill, and Go Penguins itself) and he will be on permanent display at the Lady Lever Art Gallery in the near future. And he has raised a wonderful £750 for ME Research UK!
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