Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas Decoration Planning!

Oh gosh, I have so many half finished or secret projects to share with you. I will get round to it! In previous years I have enjoyed making lists of plans for Christmas decorations, even if there are always some I don't get round to! I'm feeling very festive and also quite organised this year, so hopefully I have lots of time for some more Christmassy projects!!

If you've been following me on Facebook, you will have seen my Nativity coming together at last! I still need to attach all the eyes, and I have a box ready to turn into a barn!

I am also making an... alternative nativity?! Basically a little Christmassy scene! I already have 2 reindeer, and I want to add snowmen, Mr and Mrs Claus, fairies, penguins...

these... Crochet Christmas Trees
and these... Crochet Christmas Trees
 and erm, these... Crochet Christmas Trees
From YarnFreak
 Some crochet elves, maybe based on Berg the Christmas Elf

Still on my list from previous years...

Beaded Snowflakes
 From Christmas Projects [also, 3D ones]
 I have had a couple of fiddles with these during the year, and have yet to work out if I can make them 3D... I will keep trying!
Paper Baubles
From The Guardian
 Crochet Star
 From ATERGcrochet

Crochet Bauble
From ATERGcrochet

From Folding Trees
3D Crochet Stars
Other Decorations
This collection of origami stars!
A crochet christmas pudding?
Paper chains.
Dried oranges - I like doing this every year with cinnamon.
Wrap wool round shapes, e.g. stars and hearts, use several different colours at once.
Wrap strands of thread and beads round shapes.
Instead of tinsel, have strands of beads and sparkly stars.
 A death star ornament I designed last year, but never made...
Felt gingerbread men, maybe as a garland?
I think I need to go digging through my wool collection!


  1. I always love your Christmas Prep posts, Helen- so many gorgeous ideas!! :) xx

    1. Thanks Rachel, let's hope lots get made!
      Helen x

  2. Wow Helen - always love to look at your inspiration - you sound like you have been busy - and will be too!!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your Christmas creativity!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali! I keep thinking of more ideas too...!
      Helen x


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