Friday, 15 February 2013

Gingerbread Hearts with Hidden Treats

When I saw these Valentine's Heart Cookie Boxes over at Glorious Treats, I knew I had to try something similar!

I used gingerbread instead of sugar cookies because my husband prefers it, and I had run out of eggs! I used my favourite gingerbread recipe, from the old children's cook book, We Can Cook - it's really simple and produces a lovely soft, tasty biscuit.

I cut the shapes out before cooking, and stacked quite a few layers together to leave plenty of room for some Galaxy Minstrels! I "glued" the layers together with milk chocolate.

A simple but cute little bake :)


  1. What an amazing idea - it looks sooooo yummy too...mmm gingerbread and chocolate!
    Ali x

  2. That is brilliant! I am going to pin that for next year :)


    1. Thanks Alison! It is really simple to make :)
      Helen x

  3. Look very tasty and more importantly the look nice too - always a quality I like to see in a special biscuit. you are a talented lady :)

  4. You have been nominated for a Liebster Award ! Please go to my site to find out more details . Congrats!


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