Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lemon Drizzle Cake with Dark Chocolate Chunks

Recipe from Green & Blacks

So many blogs I follow are going through a quiet time just now. The lull after the frenzy of Christmas. A new year bringing new goals within one's life. It's difficult to create when your art space is completely packed up and being rearranged. It's difficult to post when your head feels in a different universe, desperately trying to hold on. I'll be back soon.


  1. Yum, lemon and chocolate, my fav!


  2. Your cake looks yummy Helen..especially those chocolate chunks!
    I realise I am enjoying browsing blogs and forgetting to leave comments!
    Thinking of you...hang on in there!
    xxx Ali

    1. Thanks Ali :) It tastes gorgeous!
      I am always doing that! I follow so many blogs and I am rubbish at thinking to comment!
      Helen x


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