Monday, 23 December 2013

Star Wars: Defend and Protect Painting

With my health this last year, large paintings have simply not been possible for me. However, with recent small improvements and a huge kick of motivation, I decided I wanted my husband to have this piece of artwork for Christmas! I began in October, and had it finished at the beginning of December, which felt amazing! I'm afraid most of the progress pictures were taken on my phone, but I thought you'd like to see the stages nonetheless.
I did not design this, I based it on this wonderful poster by Mike Kungl. I knew how much my husband would love seeing a hand painted version of this poster on his wall every day, and couldn't resist making that dream a reality. I take no credit for the design!


  1. Wow Helen! How cool! Lots of hard work and dedication! I'm sure your husband loves it!
    Hope you continue to have small improvements ( or even bigger ones!)
    Ali x

  2. I have no words


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