Sunday, 26 August 2012

Inspire: VianaArts

Ball point pens. They're the things I use to make scribbled notes round the house. I doodle with them. Sometimes the odd sketch for fun.

You're wondering why I'm talking about ball point pens, when the images you're looking at look like photos?

Scroll back up, and look again. And then go and look at VianaArts' other work in his gallery.

All. Ball point. Pen.

Biros, to you and me.

So what about the artist? Well, he says he's "just a lawyer", and when asked about his tools of the trade his reply is simple: "I have 8 colored Bic ballpoint pens ... They are just common everyday ballpoint pens."

Who says you need expensive materials to create beautiful art?! I'll never look at a biro the same way again.

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