Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Younger Years II

[Self portrait, aged 3.]

 I think we all have a lot to learn from our childhood selves, and the children around us. As adults, we set ourselves a standard we must live up to when we create. We believe that a piece of art we create is not good enough, or should even be thrown away. We are dissatisfied with what we create, and the very concept of needing to create a certain standard of work can stifle us.

Children are free from these restrictions, these boundaries. They are free to just experiment and play, with no regards for the result.

Maybe each of us should take some time out to do the same? Just sit down with some pens/paints and paper, and just create. Not worrying about what we're making, and if it's good enough for our own or anyone else's standards. Just create without limitation.

Go on, try it, I dare you!


  1. Love it Helen! ...your fab self portrait and your suggestions - will be having a go at some playing soon....someting in the pipe line!
    Ali x
    PS your writing is pretty cool for a 3 year old too!

    1. Haha thanks Ali! I think all I could write was my own name - I had to be able to sign what I drew ;)
      Hope you have fun playing!
      Helen x


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