Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tried & Tested Tip Number 15 [Washable Fabric Pen]

Have you ever used a washable fabric pen? Did you know they exist? Do you even see the point?!

Well, I love mine, and when I lose it I never quite know how to cope! I know some people use tailor's chalk, and some people pick up whatever pen or pencil is nearest for fabric work, but I find this pen unbeatable (except on dark fabrics!)

This pen features a fine nib of blue ink, which is water erasable for up to 30 days after use! It makes it so useful for marking your fabric ready for stitching, cutting, embellishing...

Simply use the pen to mark your fabric...

Do what you need to do... (Here I cut down the mark.)

Have some clean water (even if your pot is paint stained!) and a paintbrush ready (I picked up an old one because it was handy).

And simply wet the fabric and watch the pen mark disappear! Another really effective way to erase the pen marks is to fill a spray bottle with water and just spray it on.

Yay! I seriously don't know how anyone can do fabric work without one of these pens!

Do you have a favourite simple craft product you can't live without? I'd love to know :)

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