Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Tried and Tested Tip Number 22 [Paper Origami Gift Boxes]

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas :) For a few of the presents I gave away this year, I needed small boxes to hold them in. I couldn't find any appropriate in my local craft store, so turned to the internet to find a tutorial!

I came across this tutorial from Things to Make and Do, and it was perfect!

I made the majority of my boxes from the largest square an A4 page can form.

I decorated some with spirals, and some with flowers - I'll be talking about these in the next Tried and Tested!

And once I'd been able to master the basic box, I started experimenting with measurements when folding, which meant I could create a box which was wide and shallow - perfect for truffles!

If it's helpful to anyone, here's a free downloadable spiral twirly shape I created for decorating a few of the boxes:

I really recommend this tutorial, it's quick and easy to make up, and really adaptable!

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