Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sam and Millie Sketch

I haven't been well enough to commit to a full drawing or painting recently. However, I am determined to try and make a painting happen in the next few months! In an attempt to warm my hands up again, I did this sketch of Sam and Millie the other night.

Sadly, Sam has passed away since I last showed any artwork/photography of them on here, and whilst this drawing may not be my finest work, I know it captures both his and Millie's personalities!

You may remember in these sketches of my pet rabbits, Toffee and Flopsy, I added a tiny amount of pencil colour at the end? Well in these sketches I experimented by adding some colour before I built up the sketch, and just intensified it near the end. I think I prefer adding it after, but I do like the subtle notes of this - especially in the nose!


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