Thursday, 13 December 2012

Origami Star Garland

I recently came across this tutorial for an origami star by Five Go Blogging. So, I cut some pages out of a book which would a relative was about to bin, and got folding!

I found the instructions a bit confusing at first, when it comes to flattening the points. After a bit of practise I made it work though - I found it easier to rotate the star and press a couple of points down at a time, meaning the star is flattened but the folds stay in place!

I decided to make stars in three different sizes, and gave the largest ones a layer of pearl paint, before threading them all on sparkly gold thread. I loved how quick this was to put together, but also how effective it looks strung up in our house :) (And it distracts from the lovely rented accommodation wallpaper!)
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