Saturday, 1 December 2012

Inspire: The Fairy-Tale Princess

For me, I never know when inspiration will strike. Where I will be, or what I will be doing. Whilst waiting for my husband in a shop this week, I picked up this book, and fell in love with the imagery.

Can you imagine how long it will have taken to illustrate a book full of fairy tales by creating these models? Amazing.

And just look at the detail! It feels so whimsical and textural. So delicate yet structrual.

I love the strongly coloured backdrops, they help to bring it to life. I also like the glimpses of colouring within the sculptures, such as pieces of clothing highlighted.

I think this is a project I will save for when I have children. Pick a fairy tale and at least recreate one scene, bring the story to life for them. Although, I could also see it working with Star Wars for my husband!

You can see more of Su Blackwell's stunning artwork on her website.


  1. Fabulous find Helen! Love the idea of a Star Wars version - from glossy magazines maybe?! To make one for your children would be wonderful, what a beautiful gift.
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali! I'm thinking of finding a hard back Star Wars book, though I will feel reluctant to cut into it!!
      Helen x


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