Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Decorations - Looking to 2013

As I mentioned in my Christmas Decorations 2012 round up, there were a lot of projects left on my to do list that I simply wasn't able to tackle, some even being left from previous years! Let's have a look...

3D Snowflakes

Crochet Christmas Trees

Beaded Snowflakes
 From Christmas Projects [also, 3D ones]

Paper Baubles
From The Guardian

Crochet Christmas Trees
 From little woollie (which also make me think of piles of granny circles stacked into a tree...)

Crochet Star
 From ATERGcrochet

Crochet Bauble
From ATERGcrochet

From Folding Trees

Other Decorations
This collection of origami stars!
Crocheted robins, Christmas puddings, snowmen heads and Father Christmas heads.
A nativity scene! I think I've changed my mind from this one to this one :)
Paper chains.
Dried apple as well as oranges.
Spray snow on the windows over snowflake shapes.
Wrap wool round shapes, e.g. stars and hearts, use several different colours at once.
Wrap strands of thread and beads round shapes.
Instead of tinsel, have strands of beads, strands of sparkly stars, strands of felt balls, and lengths of ribbon.

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