Monday, 3 October 2011

Being Creative September: Autumn

Let me start by apologising for my lack of posting lately. Crazy things have been going on healthwise, I've cut out sugar and my husband is currently completely bedbound and unable to move. Before that happened, we'd had the busiest month in a long time, with visits to the local Heritage Market in an old tobacco warehouse; Chambre Hardman's house, and Ellesmere Port Boat Museum to name a few! And that's not to mention the constant benefit battles, and Royal Mail compensating us for losing my engagement ring... Life has been insane. Which is why my Being Creative is a bit later than normal!!

This month's theme over at Julia Crossland's Being Creative is Autumn.

My first thought was leaves. Crunchy, crispy, colourful - you can't get more Autumnal! I'm really excited about my fabric journal at the moment, so decided the perfect thing to do was to create another page for it.

Each of the leaves are either fabric with a thin layer of wadding, or just felt. It is 2 sided, and all hand stitched. Each leaf either has handsewn veins, a simple outline, chain stitch, or blanket stitch edges. I think it's really effective, and was fun to create!

Here you can see more details:

 I also have to mention YoungCaptive for an extra bit of inspiration with the construction of this :)


  1. How delightful ~ colorful fall leaves! (and no need to rake them up either! :))) A perfect way to use up little scraps of fabric too! Great project! :))))

  2. Ooooooooooooooh yes!!! This is right up my street!! Absolutely love these, all the different fabrics work really well, and your stitching is so very neat! A very cool idea, which I may have to steal from you (lol) as a future project!

    Thanks for sharing, love to you
    Julia x x x

  3. Gorgeous, what an exceptional idea!

  4. What amazing leaves Helen. Love the idea and all the different stitches colours and textures - fabulous!
    Glad you are enjoying your fabric journal...
    Sorry to hear about your difficult times but really pleased you had some trips to give you some happy moments between the clouds!
    Ali x

  5. Melody - thank you! :) Just had to rake up the mess I left behind in making them ;)

    Julia - thanks! Would love to see anything you make :)

    Biba - thanks!

    Ali - thank you so much :) My husband's able to move a bit again thankfully.


  6. Yes! What a coulorful variety of autumn leaves! Will be a nice garland as well as a nice decoration for a warm autumn dinner table.

  7. Your Autumn leaves are great, such a wonderful variety of colours :)

  8. Billiant mix of matarials, patterns and stiches!


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