Friday, 7 October 2011

Crochet Rabbit Toys

We have two bunnies in our little family, Toffee and Flopsy. and we're always looking for new ideas to entertain them. They have a plastic ball with a bell inside, which Flopsy can pick up with his teeth and throw around, and which Toffee can hold between her paws, and practically dribble with! However, we wanted something which Toffee would also be able to pick up and throw. After a Google search, I came across this pattern, Tiny Crochet Balls, and picked up my nearest crochet hook and a ball of string. A little while and some sawdust later, I had a new bunny toy, which dare I say, they love! (Note: I turned it inside out before stuffing it, as I felt the texture was better for them to grip.)

Having successfully made my first crochet ball, I plucked up the confidence to set about making my own pattern. It was successful, and a short while later, I stuffed it with the pellets they eat for supper, to see if they could fathom it out.

We suspected them to just chew through the string, throw it about, and try to empty it…

Instead, Toffee took it in her front paws, and using her mouth, removed each pellet one by one from between the stitches! It was amazing to watch, and she seemed to get so much enjoyment from it. Flopsy on the other hand… Well. He wasn't quite so keen on working for his supper, and took the throw-it-around-and-hope-for-the-best approach! Between them, they emptied it. Completely. And kindly left it in one piece to be used again! I think Flopsy even eventually learnt Toffee's approach, and had a bit more success!


  1. Love it! I wonder if the chinchillas would like something like this? I'll have to have a play! x

  2. They might do! Let me know how you get on :) x

  3. Those are great! I'll have to try that for our guinea pigs. :)

  4. Thanks! It's good to know that they'd be suitable for other small animals too :)

    Also Vicky, am I right in saying you used to be an AYMEr? I found you via cloth pads, but it is a small world!


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