Wednesday 26 October 2011

Sock Owls

Hello again! I've managed to finish quite a few projects off this week - maybe for once I've managed to work through stressful times instead of drown in them!

Over the last few days I've made 4 little sock owls based on this pattern here.

Adorable right?!

One is for me to keep, Mr Bob Owley (seriously, no intention for it to sound like Bob Marley!), at the back right.

And three for presents for Christmas!

They are about 5" high, made form socks and felt, and carefully handstitched.
Hopefully something similar will soon be on my Folksy store, too... Watch this space!

Oh, and I discovered one my teddies (yes, I still have teddies, and I'm proud!) rather likes Bob too!

Anyway, it may be quiet here for a week or so. Hopefully I'll be back with more finished projects soon! Especially since I erm... "acquired" a rather large bag of wool from my parent's loft today, all with projects in mind!


  1. Wow your owls are sooooooo cooool! I love owls and yours are great!! I hope to use the idea on the shower of saved socks that cascaded out of the cupboard the other day (my husband asked what they were for - now I have a feasible idea to show him!!)
    Glad you're still thinking about your foksy shop..keep up the finishing!!
    Ali x

  2. Thank you :) There's quite a lot of sock crafts out there when you need excuses ;) Sadly all the odd socks in our house are boring grey and black (I'm careful not to lose my socks hehe) so I have to buy ones specifically for craft - feels like a crime!
    Helen x

  3. Lots of the ones I have are mine or my sons - usually the other in the pair had developped a hole somewhere!
    I had to buy buttons for a Christmas project - that felt a bit criminal as I have a tub full that didn't fit the bill...
    Ali x

  4. Your sock owls are SO cute!!! Thanks for the link to the pattern.

  5. Wow, these are too cute. I am going to have to add these to my craft to-do list too!


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