Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pink Granny Square Cube Toy

Granny Squares are lovely to look at, aren't they? I'm not a very girly girl, but there's something very happy about a range of pink!

I used a pattern from my Nan's collection (I can share if anyone would like me to) - this is just the first 4 rounds from a huge design intended to be a rug. It is worked in 2 strands of DK, and I alternated with bright pink, baby pink and white :)

Like most people, I hate tying in ends. However, I do love stitching things together! I stitched the 6 squares into a cube. Although, I used the word "cube" loosely... Initially it was more of a sphere with a few straight edges! So I made up a fabric cube to go inside to help hold the shape, and it's certainly better. (Although I hope the fabric cube stays together... My sewing machine is truly dead, and my hands were rather too tired to behave!) I have also put a jingle ball inside with the stuffing to add interest!


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