Sunday, 23 October 2011

Peacock painting!

My word, I haven't finished a painting since last December. That's... a while. It's been one of those years! Yesterday I woke up feeling inspired. I was going to just get stuck into Christmas cards, but my husband told me to paint instead. So I did...

This painting I started June/July 2010, when I discovered masking fluid. It is of a peacock we met on honeymoon, who rather enjoyed exploring our boat!

The background was created using masking fluid (to create the white relief) and a thin acrylic wash. I then painted the peacock in all his feathery glory, and added the 3 other peacock feathers to add more interest to the piece.

I am really pleased with it! And I love the contrast with both strength of colour and detail between the peacock and the feathers.

And the rainbow colours of the feathers brings back memories of our rainbow wedding too, so a very special painting for me and my husband. We were laughing yesterday if I'll ever be ready to sell something I paint!


  1. What a glorious peacock and beautiful rainbow feathers! You should be proud as a peacock with your colourful, detailed painting! What a talent and great to be able to bring back memories!
    Look forward to seeing some more of your multi-talent!!
    Ali x

  2. Thank you! I do have a tendency to mix and match between different mediums haha. xx


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