Saturday, 3 September 2011

Being Creative August: Travel

This month's theme over at Julia Crossland's Being Creative is Travel.

Honestly? I was feeling very uninspired by this month's theme. Nothing clicked. I'd resigned myself I wasn't doing anything.

I came on Blogger today to share a card I made for my train-enthusiast friend the other week, and suddenly realised... Trains... Travel... OK, it might not have been made with the specific idea of Being Creative in mind, but if it fits... Well. It's nice for me not to feel like I've missed a month ;)

So, here it is. Worked solely in Photoshop. First attempt at this style of typography, so it's a tad iffy in places, but I am thrilled with it. I wish I'd had time to layer sections of it up on my Dad's printing press, but you can't have everything!

I've since done more work like this in Photoshop, and hope to do more, too...


  1. That is really neat! Creativity comes in many forms! I have a hard time uploading pictures most days, let alone makes words into a train in photo shop!!! :))))

  2. Hello! I think that is very creative! What a beautiful and unusual card!

  3. Thanks! :)
    Melody - I suppose there are some benefits of being stuck on the sofa!

  4. Very clever! I really like this!

  5. I like your typography train! - would be a nice play for kids when they learn to read!

  6. How cool! that's a great idea...look forward to some more wordy picures!!
    Ali x

  7. Wow, that is really clever and creative!

  8. Such a great idea - love it!

  9. Lovely idea, very clever - and defiantly fits with the travel theme.


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