Friday, 2 September 2011


Most exciting news? This past week I've got out my acrylic paints and canvas!! It's only the second or third time this year thanks to health and commitments - that's the problem with being an artist with ME! But it's progress, and hopefully I can get back to my outstanding commissions soon. I'm so grateful for the patience you all have with me!

My eldest neice celebrates her Birthday on Tuesday, my eldest nephew starts school on Monday, and my youngest nephew starts playgroup this month... I figured having cards come through the post addressed specifically to them would bring a smile to each of their faces! Here's what I made:

Gorgeous fairy stamp, fuschia ink, pearl embossing powder, white/pink/cream cards.

 Set of coloured pencils, made from strips of card.

 Captain Barnacles Bear from the Octonauts, obviously. ;) Hand drawn.

[Always open for any and all card commissions - I love doing them!]

Hopefully back soon with my latest Being Creative post!

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