Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Crochet Post :)

Following on from my last post about the Hidden Treasure my Mum passed on to me, I want to show you the confusion I feel over the baby blanket!

The bottom 3 rows are my Nan's stitches, and the top 2 rows are my attempt at carrying on. I swear she's used treble crochet (and with 3 chain stitches at the end of each row), as when I compared my double next to it it was too short. My treble looks different though, and I'm just not sure why. I think I'm going to plod along with it though - it is so therapeutic, and I think close enough to get away with...

I've also been asked to show the second page in my Fabric Journal (you can see the first page here.) It's not the most glamorous of photos (and I still need to tie the ends in!) but you get the idea!

My wonderful Mum has sorted my art room out for me, and I've got most of the stressful paperwork sent off, so hopefully I might just be able to do a bit more art soon :)

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