Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tried & Tested Tip Number 13 [Making Paper from Tape]

When my husband first saw me make this recently, he basically asked what the point was to it... Personally? I think the point is creativity.

I was recently making a sketchbook filled with textured papers (how to on that coming soon!) and this idea just hit me. Why not make paper out of masking tape? I think it worked really well, and will be fun to sketch on.

Of course, there is a whole world of tape out there nowadays, so you could use any (or multiple!) different tapes to make interesting papers, and use them in collages, scrapbooking, card making, sketchbooking, mixed media... You see where I'm going ;)

You will need:
A cutting mat with lines on it
Metal Ruler

I used a wide but plain masking tape, and made a simple 15cm square.

1. Cut a piece of tape, longer than the finished size you want, and stick it to your cutting mat sticky side up.

To hold it down, turn the ends over slightly, and it should attach...

2. Cut a second piece of tape and lay it down below it, with a small overlap (or a bigger overlap, if you wish!) so they are attached

3. Continue with this until you have reached your desired size.

4. Now things can get fiddly. Cut another piece of tape, and place this down in the opposite direction, sticky side down.

5. Continue across to your desired width, overlapping slightly as you did before, smoothing the tape out as you go. You know how I said this could get fiddly? Well, tape is sticky. And this masking tape, when stuck to itself, wasn't repositionable. And I dropped a piece. And had to start again.

6. But, you get there eventually (and if you're careful it's actually super quick and easy).

7. So now you want to cut it to your desired shape and size. As I mentioned, I wanted a 15cm square, but you could really cut it into anything you wanted! I like to use a scalpel and metal ruler to get a sharp edge.

8. And peel away your offcuts...

... to reveal a nice edge!

9. Continue to cut all the way round, and when you're done you will have your homemade paper... made out of tape!

If you try this, I'd love to see what you come up with! I'm envisioning pretty tapes, cut into flowers, hanging from ribbons... Sigh :)


  1. What a cool idea Helen...its the sort of thing the 2 males here would struggle with too!
    Might try it sometime - and let you know the results!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali, I'd love to hear if you do try it :) I should really get myself some pretty tape haha.
      Helen x


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