Sunday, 1 July 2012

Psychadelic Birthday Card

I was scratching my brains the other day to think up an idea for my niece's first Birthday card... I didn't want to go down the obvious girly pink route, I wanted something a bit more funky.

Then this saucer caught my eye... It's one of several I bought at a car boot sale last month to stand plants on, because I love the pattern!


The flower on the card is loosely based on the design and colour scheme of the flower on the saucer.

I sketched out the design and shapes, and cut them out of yellow, orange, blue and purple papers. I used a circle punch to make the smaller shapes - so much easier!

I was a bit concerned it would be too vibrant, but I think it works just perfectly :)


  1. Love your bold and bright design and the inspiration! Zingy colours! Fab and groovy!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks! You can't get a bigger compliment than groovy :D
      Helen x


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