Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tried and Tested Tip Number 10 [Paint Palette]

When you've got your acrylic paints out for a painting session, what do you use for a palette? When I was younger and needed a paint palette I used to use lids from margerine tubs, and the such like. But on a painting course a few years ago, I was offered an ingenious solution - a white plate!

I think this one cost me the huge sum of 20p in Woolworths closing down sale! But it's been my friend ever since.

I like to use the edges to put my paint directly on...

And the middle for mixing! I certainly would never go back. Such a cheap and effective solution to a paint palette - and yes, it often does end up completely full! It's also easy to clean, but more on that next time...

So, what do you use as a palette?

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