Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tried and Tested Tip Number 8 [Tissue Paper Flowers]

This week, I want to share a tissue paper flower tutorial from the wonderful craft blog, Crafty Little Me

Rachel shares a great little tutorial to make these flowers from layers of tissue paper. The options are endless, with different coloured tissue papers, painting tissue paper, and holding them together with brads, buttons and beads.

The formation of a flower, courtesy of Crafty Little Me.

I've used them on several cards over the years, both large as features, and small as accents. I like to use buttons in the centre, stitched together with clear thread. You can choose how ruffled you want the petals, too.

I really enjoyed making them, and I highly recommend her tutorial. Check it out here! A great accessory for any card, on any present, or to brighten up your project.

[Apologies for slightly poorer photo quality, I dipped into my archives for these!]


  1. OOOh thanks for your ideas and the tutorial link Helen these flowers are a great idea.....mmmm I can see some gold and cream ones for a golden wedding anniversary coming up!
    Ali x

    1. Ooh they sound lovely! I hope you get on ok with them :)
      Helen x


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