Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Crocheted Mug Cosies

Hello :)
Two of the secret Christmas presents I crocheted (back in November!) were mug cosies. I was inspired by quite a few posts I'd seen round the internet, but loosely based the pattern off this.

The first one was worked in two different pink DK wools...

and finished with a white button...

and two white crocheted stars, worked rather finely!

The second was a penguin version! Worked in chunky black wool, and with a velcro closing this time.

With features added in felt!


  1. They are fab Helen - love the peguin version - how clever!! Velcro fastening's such a good idea. I've knitted a couple but as I can't do buttonholes I put presstuds on - they are really fiddly to open and close but velcro would do the trick - did you sew it or was it the sticky stuff?
    Ali x

  2. Thanks! I have a friend who is mad about penguins. I actually used velcro as she has problems with her hands and I wanted to make it as easy as possible for her. I sewed it on - which was a nightmare! I now officially hate sewing velcro. I've never tried the sticky stuff, but my previous attempts at sticking it on myself have all failed abysmally! I might try superglue next time!
    I have to say I wouldn't have a clue how to knit a buttonhole - with crochet you just miss a few stitches ;)
    Hope that helps :)
    Helen x


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