Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Tree II: Orange and Grapefruit Slices

I love how Elf has been timed to come on in the small break between the first and second halves of the Snooker finals. It makes for great TV :)
I burnt most of the grapefruit pieces I did. I cut them thinner and had them higher in the oven. The one which survived was the most beautiful though.

The orange slices don't catch the light quite so well because they're thicker. I finished them off on the radiator - I found it to be more effective than the oven :)
Half the orange slices also have cinnamon rubbed into them (not pictured). My sofa is right next to the tree, and I keep getting lovely wafts of cinnamon and orange floating over - mmm!

Has anyone ever dried apple slices? I'm actually thinking of doing it to string across the rabbit's run hehe.

P.S. Changed the labels round a bit in the sidebar, should make things a bit more accessible :) 

See what else is on my Christmas Tree!

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