Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Tree VI: Angel Bunny

Lit up on the Christmas Tree

Me and my husband spent a wee while discussing what to have on the top of our Christmas tree. It's our second Christmas together, and last year we had a small glittery star, due to our inability to come up with something unique!

Buttons for eyes and a stitched nose. Maybe he even needs whiskers now I think about it!

I had an idea for a tissue paper star (made in a similar way to my wedding bouquet), but we weren't convinced. I couldn't think of a way to make an angel to the standard in my head, and whilst discussing teddy bears dressed as angels, I remembered these on my "to make" list.

Wings made from gold paper and card, attached with a stitch.

Obviously mine looks fairly different, but it was a nice point of inspiration :) I only had 2/3 of a ball of this wool, and I think I restarted about 6 times as I kept making it too big for the quantity of wool!

And a little fluffy tail :)

As it is, I made the ears from each end of a strand of wool, deeming them finished when there wasn't enough wool to do another stitch on either one! He's now sitting happily on top of our tree :)

I'd love to know - what's on the top of your tree?

See what else is on my Christmas Tree!

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