Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Tree VII: The Finished Tree

I can't wait til we can get some lights with a warmer glow! These are lovely for now tho :)

I love our tree!

There were still some decorations I didn't have time to make, but it gives me something to do next year! I'm hoping to do a round up post next week sharing the unused inspiration.

 I knocked up some gingerbread dough in the hope of making these houses, but so far only men for our tree have appeared!

I am also hoping to have a few posts sharing crocheted Christmas presents - they need to wait til after the weekend though!

I love how our tree has 3 points at the top - it's so unique!
We balance a few presents on the branches for the days surrounding Christmas, to spread the fun.

Me and my husband cooked a candelit Christmas dinner for ourselves on Wednesday, but the time in the kitchen has led to a slight health crash... Tomorrow looks set to be busy with finishing bits off, so I will say farewell for a few days, and hope you all have a lovely Happy Christmas, however you may spend it!

Tran from my childhood running round the base - there is a little elf who bobs up and down at the back!

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