Friday, 14 April 2017

Felt Bunny Ears for Easter!

In a shop the other day, my husband and I found some lovely fluffy bunny ears. The problem? The ones I liked only came attached to small sized headbands. I may have the wishes of a child but my head size is slightly bigger, so I came home and made my own!

These were so quick and easy to make! I simply cut 4 pieces out of brown felt and 2 out of pale pink. I dusted my sewing machine off (I haven't touched it in a while!) and attached the pink inner ears to the brown outer ears. I then placed two of the brown ears together and stitched down one side. I inserted a piece of card (smaller than the felt) inside and stitched back down the other side of the ear. This card gives the ears the strength to stand up! I finished the ends of the ears with a small piece of velcro - the "hook" side - so that they can be folded over any narrow headband! I think next time I'll make this flap a bit longer, but other than that I love them... I may be imagining reindeer antlers and who knows what else for the future!

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