Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Tried & Tested Tip Number 17 [Google Image Search]

Have you heard about Google's latest image search feature yet? Basically, Google has a new feature allowing you to search the internet with an image you already have.

What's the point? Well, here's a few examples...

Do you have an image you're trying to find the original source for? A quick Google image search could help.

Are you concerned about images of your art being stolen, or someone pretending it is theirs? A quick Google image search could help.

Do you want a higher resolution of an image you have found? A quick Google image search could help.

 Their full guide is here, but basically you can search using four different techniques, depending on what is easiest for you. I decided to download the Firefox extension, meaning I can just right click on any image and access the search function immediately. Let me give you an example.

This is a cake I made a couple of years ago, and uploaded to my deviantArt account.

With the Firefox addon, I can simply right click on my image, and select the option, "Search Google with this image".

With my settings, this opens the search in a new tab, and you can see all the different results below:

This really is such a useful feature to keep track of your own work, and to access other images you want. I hope you find it as helpful as I am!


  1. OOh good tip Helen! Thanks.
    Cool cake too!! Minecraft is popular here at the mo!
    Ali x

    1. You're welcome Ali!
      My husband seems to have left his Minecraft phase - I haven't finished half my Minecraft crochet projects yet though!
      Helen x


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