Saturday, 8 September 2012

Inspire: Connecting Light, Hadrian's Wall

[source: Connecting Light]

Last weekend saw a stunning installation take place on Hadrian's Wall.

[source: Connecting Light]

The installation, Connecting Light, was part of the London 2012 Festival, and explored the ideas of borders and connections.

[source: David Ambridge]

People could either send a text message, or a message via the website, which would then be transmitted across the balloons as coloured impulses. Stunning!

[source: The Guardian]

It's so inspiring - I am hoping to do a much smaller installation locally next year, and seeing other's work challenges me to think of the different aspects involved.

[P.S. Sorry for missing The Younger Years last weekend, I couldn't access my harddrive - hopefully all will be back next week!]


  1. Soooo Coool! Love art that makes you think outside the box!!
    Looking forward to hearing about your installation.
    Ali x

    1. I agree! Thank you, got lots of planning to go first!
      Helen x

  2. I heard about this, it looks amazing ! Love your brighton pier photo too :)


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