Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hidden Treasure: Finished!

Do you remember last year, when I received a crochet blanket, which my Nan had left part way through? As a refresh, here is what it looked like on the night it was uncovered...

Well, in betweeen all the other projects I've been working on, this has had the odd row added to it. It's travelled with me everywhere - to see the Olympic Torch relay, up to Hadrian's Wall, down to Torquay, into Wales and everywhere I've been.

And this week? I finished it!

I was originally going to give it a white and turquoise border, but I simply wasn't feeling it. I needed it to be suitable for a boy or a girl, and rainbows have meant a lot to me on a very personal level recently.

Whilst a touch feminine, I think this pastel rainbow would suit any baby perfectly. Worst case scenario, the peach and yellow borders can be unravelled for a slightly more boy-ish feel!

I am so thrilled to have had the honour to finish this blanket that my Nan started. When it is laid out, you can see where she finished off and I picked up, as I simply could not get our styles to match. It all adds to the charm, though. 

I worked the main body in treble crochet, with the border (2 rows each of white, lilac, blue, turquoise, yellow and peach) in single crochet. And that peach? Yup, it's the one which was in the bag the blanket was found in, which my Nan had been making granny squares with :)


  1. Looks lovely! I really like the pastel rainbow border.

    1. Thank you! I think it really needed the colour :)
      Helen x


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