Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hen Tea Pot Cosy

Hello :)
I mentioned on my last tea pot cosy post, Vintage Owl Tea Pot Cosy that I had another one to start... Well, it's finished! Another bird, but rather different!

This hen tea pot cosy was a Birthday present for my brother in law. He keeps quite a few hens, and they provide lovely fresh eggs :) Some may say he likes them too much, as he has been found sat on the sofa with one before now...!

A textured off white fabric, with splashes of felt for colour!

 Hand stitched details...

And a feathery tail!

With buttons for eyes, and well padded innards, this hen cosy is sure to not only keep the tea warm, but also to peck away anyone who tries to take the last drop!

I love doing custom tea pot cosies... I wonder what will be next?!


  1. Love your rustic hen tea cosy Helen, the contrasting handstitching really sets it off and the colourful felt details are cool! Looking forward to your next cosy design....
    Ali x

  2. You are SO creative, Helen!!! I love your tea pot cosy. I have so enjoyed looking through the posts you've linked up.

    1. Thanks Pam! So nice of you to look through them all :)
      Helen x


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