Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Star Trek Badge

I love doing custom projects! This was for a friend's recent 21st Birthday...

Star Trek badge, made with felt, handstitched and with a brooch back. It's quite chunky and tactile, and makes a nice little statement about yourself ;)

Like what you see? Want something similar but not quite the same? Get in touch!


  1. How cool Helen! You are boldly going where felt has never been before!
    Live long and prosper!!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks! Are you a fan of Star Trek? My husband is, but I can't say it's gripped me yet!
      Helen x

    2. ...not a huge fan but did watch some of the older stuff...beam me up Scottie! I do like Doctor Who though! x

  2. Can you send me one in Australia?


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