Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Being Creative November: Vintage - Owl Tea Pot Cosy

This month's theme over at Julia Crossland's Being Creative is Vintage. It didn't immediately strike me, but ended up being the inspiration for me to finish off a long standing project, before it itself became vintage!

Back at the beginning of 2010, me and my husband were preparing to move in together. Now, I am an avid tea drinker, and I knew our house HAD to have a tea pot cosy. So, I got materials out, and before moving out I made quite a lot of progress.

In fact, by the time I left home, all it really needed was to be structurally assembled.

But... then I moved out. And I had other projects on, such as this Bee tea pot cosy for my brother's family, complete with pipecleaner antennae and net wings...

So, when my parents were able to magically fix my sewing machine this month, I knew it was time to complete it. Being Creative also gave me the actual push to sit down and do it, as the word Vintage always makes me think of all the wonderful fabrics I've inherited from generations of my family, which I've used to make this tea cosy.

The ears don't quite sit at the angle I wished, but when is anything handmade ever perfect?!

 The inside is a different purple fabric and a layer of wadding.

Details all hand stitched on fabric scraps and felt.

I am so thrilled it's finally finished! Although, with the recent posts Woolly Owl Hat and Sock Owls, I think I'm giving the impression I'm much more owl obsessed than I actually am! They're just so adorable... Had a request for another tea pot cosy too, so best get working on that!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participates in Being Creative, I have really met some wonderful creative people through it, and you're all so supportive :)

I've just redesigned the blog too, thought it made sense now there's a bit of an archive building up :) There are links on the right to find me round the internet too!


  1. Love your vintage owly tea cosy Helen! So fab to be able to use handed down fabrics with family memories. you can't beat a bit of vintage flower power! I'm sure your brother would bee buzzing with his sripey pot warmer too!
    Enjoying your new look blog too - Just spent a few mins browsing your wonderful website - some great images and watching your penguin transformation was amazing. Didn't realise until near the end George was life sized!!
    Love seeing all your new finished work! I'm off to try and complete some festive pieces..before events overtake me!
    Ali x

  2. Your tea cosy is beautiful. I think the ears give it loads of expression. It's nice to have stories behind fabric, makes something seem like it's got history. I love owls too.

  3. My favourite owl ever! I think he is gorgeous and his ears seem perfect to me. I love the colours you have chosen for the felty feathers and the purple fabric looks wonderful made up into an owl. You have inspired me. I don't need a tea cosy as I don't drink tea and haven't got a tea pot but an owly cushion would be lovely. I LOVE him.

  4. I love your owl! Your colour choice and pattern mix is so eye-catching!

  5. Hi! Wow - I love your owl tea cosy! I didn't get any idea for this theme during this busy month and I'm so happy to see how great art you made by 'vintage' theme!
    Have a lovely December! x Teje

  6. Absolutely LOVE your owl teacosy, the colours are gorgeous and it does actually remind me of something my Nan had in the 70's!! Well done, so happy that you shared this in the gallery!

    Julia x x x

  7. That is just ADORABLE! I LOVE the colors; if i saw him in a store I'd snatch him right up and buy him, before anyone else got him! :)))))))

  8. Ali - thank you! How are your festive projects coming along? I look forward to seeing them :) Glad you enjoyed my new blog/website too. My website hasn't been updated in yonks, I'm waiting for my husband to help me give it an overhaul hehe.

    Sara - It was actually this style of owl cushion that inspired me: They're so cute! Would love to see one if you make it :)

    Julia - Thanks! I love the 70s a LOT haha <3

    Everyone else - thank you for your lovely comments :)
    Helen xx

  9. Your owl tea cosy is really lovely - very retro looking. The colours are beautiful.

    1. Thank you :) I'm actually just finishing off my latest tea cosy design, will hopefully share it soon!
      Helen x

  10. Beautiful fabric and colours, Helen! And a very cute tea pot cosy.


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