Saturday, 12 March 2011

Destruction Journal II

Hello :)

I haven't been being very creative lately... Well, I've done some sewing, but art is a bit of a struggle. I was meant to launch my Folksy shop last month, and everything is sat here to be sold, but I'm having issues... Maybe one day?!

Anyway, I have still been working on my Destruction Journal!

I created a front cover, echoing the lovely marks left by the stickers I ripped off!
Creating various items for my Folksy shop (if I can ever get it launched!!) gave the sketchbook a perfect opportunity as a background for gluing :)
Is this cheating?! I gave a page to my bunnies to play with... It ended up being used as a litter tray ;)
I also gave a page to my cheeky chappy nephew Dylan when he wanted to do some colouring. In reality he just had a good crumple of it!
Another page proved useful as scrap paper when trying to work out a painting I'm work on...
And whilst I forgot to actually take this in the shower with me, I left it to absorb the bubbles after washing my hair :) 

I hope everyone is as well and creative as one can be :)

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